ServoTrackTM Motion Systems

Bridging the Gap Between Servo, Brushless DC, and Stepper Performance
Our patented ServoTrackTM Technology makes it easy and cost effective to shift from stepping motor to servo performance. ServoTrackTM is a DYNAMIC CLOSED LOOP MOTION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY that eliminates unintentional stalling due to transient loads, and enables rotary torque and linear force control as an integral function of your design. AND you will NEVER lose functional control of your motor.

Quick summary of Capability:

  1. +12 up to +48 VDC Input Voltage Range
  2. 4 Amps Continuous Power
  3. USB Programmable Interface
  4. Easy to use SnapTrack BLOCK Programming Software
  5. Six +5 to +24 Volt Inputs and Outputs
  6. 16 bit Analog Input
  7. Secondary Encoder Input for Electronic Gearing or Camming
  8. RS232 and RS485 Serial Communication
  9. HMI Interface
  10. Distributed Motion for multi-axis Control
  11. Multi-Function Diagnostic LED
  12. Secure Screw Terminal Connectors
  13. 35 mm Din Rail or Panel Mount

ST484 Standalone Drive/Controller

ServoTrack Brochure

ServoTrack Brochure

ServoTrack Hardware Manual

ServoTrack Hardware Manual

ServoTrack White Paper

ServoTrack White Paper

VectorTM Series: Integrated Motion Systems



  • Captive linear version shown.
    External linear and non-captive versions also available.
  • HMI Interface
  • USB Programming Interface
  • Multifunction diagnostic LED
  • SnapTrack TM Programming Software
  • Secondary Encoder input for electronic gearing OR camming
  • Distributed Motion for Multi-Axis Control
    (Master and Slave)


Input Voltage: 12-48 VDC

Variable Control Modes: Rated Torque Control, Linear Force Control

Current: 4 Amps/Phase RMS

Control: Dynamic Closed Loop or Open Loop

Programmable I/O's: 3 Digital Inputs (5V-24V), 3 Digital Outputs (5V-24V), 1 16-Bit Analog Input

Microstep Resolution: Up to 256 μsteps/step

Communication: Serial RS232, Serial RS485



SnapTrackTM is our user-friendly software component to ServoTrackTM. It utilizes block programming, an intuitive drag-and-drop method, to customize and run your stepper motor system. With SnapTrackTM, you will be able to create your own customizable interface to suit your application needs.

Block List Example

ServoTrack Programming Tutorial

ServoTrack Programming Tutorial


ServoTrackTM Integrated Chip

ServoTrackTM Test Module