Welcome to the Koco Motion | DINGS' Blog


Koco Motion | DINGS’ was founded in 2011 by motion control professionals; each of whom have been in the industry over many decades.

Our mission is to earn your confidence as one of your most trusted and resourceful motion control suppliers.  We combine Engineering and Manufacturing resources based here in the USA as well in China.

We have created this website to be clear and easy to use for your precision engineering solutions.

Our Application Engineering Team are all graduate engineers and are easily reached by phone and e-mail to provide you with timely technical answers and suggestions for the best solutions to your precision linear and rotary motion challenges.

Once a product selection is made we also understand that the OEM Engineer wants a prototype unit in hand as soon as possible.  We make these prototypes a high priority in our manufacturing schedule.

The dedicated Customer Support team makes sure that your orders are accurately processed and our delivery commitments are taken very seriously.


Stay tuned for Blog updates on motion technology, new products, technical information, and other news on a regular basis.


TEAM Koco Motion | DINGS’